Specialty Machinery

We increase profitability by providing specialized machinery, components, short run and “one-off” design & fabrication services.

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Artisan Ironwork

We create unique artisan and ornamental metal projects to compliment and honor the personalities and requirements of residential and institutional clients.

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Contract Manufacturing

Pendragon has had the privilege and honor over the past several years of creating distinct and unique ironwork for discerning residential and institutional clients both near and far.

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Featured Products

Drängen Lay-Down Work Cart

Save your back and knees while increasing your productivity and profitability. For growers producing crops requiring workers to be stooping for weeding, harvesting, transplanting, de-blossoming, etc., Drängen Lay-Down Work Carts will drastically reduce manual labor costs and worker injuries & complaints while improving your bottom line.

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Bio Dynamic Stirring Machines

Pendragon Stirring Machines make Bio-Dynamic production possible for growers because the demands on time and available labor are always highest just when the B-D Preps need to be applied. Pendragon Stirring Machines are available in capacities to meet the needs of large or small operations.

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