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Design Build Services for Agricultural Producers and Businesses

Pendragon maintains a full shop facility to produce one of a kind and first run equipment to solve problems you face but have no solution for or are unable to produce the solution you have in mind yourself. Pendragon founder, John Bashaw, has over 20 years of production agriculture experience including the maintenance, repair and construction of field machinery and grain handling/cleaning equipment. A sound and practical knowledge of agricultural and post harvest handling equipment is only one aspect of the resources we bring to bear on your problems. John has also held credentials as a Certified Crop Advisor and knows the needs of producers from a farmer’s perspective as well as that of engineering and fabrication. We will serve your needs as you experience them and not merely repackage a stock solution as “custom” or “unique” or “individual”.

We have considerable experience in tillage, planting, mechanical weed control, grain and vegetable harvesting and post-harvest handling & conditioning equipment and machinery.

In fact, our Bio-Dynamic Stirring Machines and Hazelnut Cracker were originally produced to solve specific growers’ production issues. What are yours? Write or call to us today and share your unsolved equipment issues and questions. We may have the solution to improve your productivity and bottom line.

Contact us today. We look forward to providing tailored solutions for the issues you face in your operation.

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