Who Are We?

Formally founded in 2001, Pendragon Specialties, LLC has its origins in the early 1980’s.

  • Founder, John Bashaw, brings over 25 years of experience in both production agriculture and specialty machinery design and fabrication, to bear on your project. We have experience with hydraulics & pneumatics, PLC programming, AC vf Drive applications and electric motor and engine power to bring your equipment project to life as well as create its form.

  • Agricultural, industrial and construction clients retain us for help to increase their productivity, reduce ergonomic stresses and injuries and increase their profitability. We provide them with specialized machinery and components, design services, consulting and short-run and “one-off” manufacturing services.

  • We begin by identifying your individual needs and then provide solutions that give you high quality and exceptional ROI.

What Do We Offer?

  • Machinery solutions for growers, processors and manufacturers

  • Machinery design consultation to solve production and productivity problems for farmers, processors and manufacturers

  • Fabrication and assembly of your designs or ones we develop for you

  • One-off and short-run fabrication and manufacturing services

  • Design, fabrication and installation of artisan and ornamental metal and railing projects

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