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Save your back and boost productivity and profitability in your market farm operation

You know how rewarding it is to grow and sell your vegetables, strawberries, cut flowers or bedding plants. After all, that’s why you do it. But you also know the hard work involved when you’re stooping and leaning over the rows day in and day out. It’s tiring and hard on your back and legs. And there’s the cumbersome moving of flats and totes along the row with you. Not to mention the hot sun which is the reason your plants grow. Finally, at the end of the day you’re tired and often sore. Wouldn’t you often just like a bit of shade while you rest your back?  Are you a market grower already? If so, you know the feelings.  Are you an aspiring market grower who avoids living your dream because of the labor involved?

What if we told you that not only could you rest your back and lie in the shade, but you do it while you work and you could increase your productivity all at the same time? Would feeling human at the end of the day with more time for your family and other pursuits be something that interests you?

You’re thinking, “Well, of course, but how?”.

It’s time to suspend your disbelief because it is actually possible.

The big picture: You are in the business of helping people lead healthier lives by producing wholesome products for your customers. Ergonomically, however, your own health is at risk due to repeated and prolonged stooping, bending and working in awkward postures for which the human body was not designed. Unfortunately, injuries from repetitive motion stress (RMS) are largely irreversible. Prevention is the key and working on a Drängen machine actually makes you use your body correctly. Your body was not “engineered” for extended use in stooping and bending positions or for working on your hands and knees. The Drängen Work Cart provides a completely new way of approaching field work and is now used by hundreds of growers in the US, Europe and around the world. Not only does it reduce ergonomic stress, it also measurably improves your labor productivity.

Imagine for a moment that you are relaxing your shoulders, back and legs while you are lying comfortably face down on a massage table. Now imagine this table is carrying you over your rows where you are within relaxed arm’s reach of your crop. Your feet are almost effortlessly controlling your movement along the row. Both of your hands are free to make the most efficient use of your effort and time. Your cart is also carrying your transplant flats or your harvest boxes. You feel incredibly relieved that you are not stooped over anymore and no longer dragging things with one hand while having only one hand actually doing the work. Your supply of transplants or harvest containers are moving with you to the end of the row. You won’t have to go back through the field to pick them up. And even when the sun is hot or a light rain is falling, you are comfortable under the canopy mounted over your work cart. “Now this is the way to get work done!”, you are saying to yourself, aren’t you? Who wouldn’t, right?

This is what work on a Drängen work cart feels like. For those like Rich B. who operates a market farm in N. Illinois, his Drängen is indispensible.

Are you the one doing the work on your operation? Are you concerned about the health and welfare of those who work for you? Wouldn’t you like a better, safer, more productive way to do the hand work of transplanting, or weeding or de-blossoming or harvesting your crops? If you’re like most growers, you do want a better life for you, your family and your workers.

A Drängen work cart from Pendragon can help you realize the benefits of safer work conditions, less back troubles, more productivity, increased profit and more family time. The Drängen was invented and perfected by a market grower specifically to make this possible.

Contact us today to find out how a Drängen Work Cart can help you:

  • reduce your physical workload and fatigue
  • reduce injuries to you and your workers
  • increase your labor productivity
  • reduce your weather dependency
  • expand your operation with the same hours of field labor
  • improve your bottom line
  • increase your family time
  • Easy to adjust to each worker’s preference
  • Easily adjusted for row and bed width
  • Height adjustments up to 24” of under-frame clearance
  • A flexible design that is expandable to meet your future needs now and as your operation and market grows and changes.

Are you often struggling trying to carry out timely planting, weeding or harvesting but wet conditions keep you out of the field? Concerned about compaction? The rubber tracked version goes places that are hard to walk and exerts very little ground pressure.

The Drängen is 4 wheel machine with Honda 5HP engine powering the smooth hydraulic drive drives. Speed, direction and skid-steer turning are controlled with foot pedals leaving both of the driver’s hands free for full-time work.

“I’m convinced”, you say, “but how do I know if it will suit my operation?” Ask yourself if 50% productivity gains would benefit your bottom line. It’s hard to argue that it wouldn’t. These are the gains that current Drängen owners are already benefiting from. Is there any reason not to join them?

“I’m convinced”, you say, “but how do I know if it will suit my operation?”

Contact us. There are many options and configurations to fit your particular circumstances including:

  • Frame mounted trays
  • Extra lay-down work stations for up to 5 workers per machine
  • Extra wide frames
  • Outrigger frame extensions
  • Auxiliary hydraulic pump for powering attachments
  • Hydraulically powered rotary weeding brushes
  • Sun/rain canopies

These are just a few of the ways your Drängen will help you increase your productivity, reduce back injuries and stress and improve your bottom line.

A Drängen will help you stay in the growing business for as long as you want to without having to quit as your back gives out. Don’t jeopardize the health of you and your workers and limit your ability to grow your produce. Contact us today and begin to take charge of your future.

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