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The TERMINUTTER Hazelnut Cracker was originally designed and built by Pendragon for a small acreage Wisconsin grower for cracking hazelnuts that had not been sized prior to the cracking operation. The machine is capable of effectively cracking a batch with varying nut sizes making it ideal for the small to medium sized producer who wants to access higher prices for the shelled nuts.

Do you want higher prices too but can’t justify the costs of sizing equipment for your small to medium sized harvest? The Pendragon Hazelnut Cracker may be your answer for reaching a value-added market, higher sale prices and an increased bottom line.

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The frame and hopper are powder-coated steel while 304 stainless steel is used for all components that are food contact surfaces. The unit was designed with considerable adjustability in cracking force as well as flow rate of whole nuts into the machine. This design allows the operator to crack nuts with varying levels of moisture, size, test weight, etc. Generally, a given lot of nuts can be cracked without the additional prior step of sizing. We have attained crack-out yields as high as 80% whole nutmeats on the first pass through the machine. While large processors have sufficient processing volume that close sizing followed by cracking each size group separately is routine procedure, for the small to medium sized operation this is often not feasible. Consequently you end up selling unshelled nuts at wholesale prices and struggling financially. Is this your situation? Would you like to do something about it?

The TERMINUTTER Cracker is the machine for those who want to sell their hazelnuts to higher paying markets but do not have wholesale volumes to justify the cost of the many machines typically found in large processing plants.

The TERMINUTTER is built to run on standard 115v. single phase power so it is easily operated at your farm without requiring special wiring. If appropriate for your operation, we can configure your machine to operate on 220v single or 3-phase power supply when we build it for you.

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