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Helping Bio-Dynamic growers meet their B-D field spraying objectives year after year.

Are you a current or aspiring Biodynamic farmer, market gardener, vineyard manager, orchardist or landscaper? Do you always manage to spray the 500 and 501 field sprays in a timely fashion? Getting the horn-manure and horn silica sprays applied is a challenge for most B-D practitioners and this is what gave rise to our first stirring machine in 1989. Pendragon founder, John Bashaw, was operating a 500A B-D farm with only occasional help and built the prototype unit to be able to carry out his spraying program. B-D was finally an attainable reality. That original machine is 30 years old this spring, (2019), and is still in active service. In the intervening years many other growers have also mastered their spraying programs once they put their own Pendragon Stirring Machines into service. It really is possible to spray all your crops and acres every year even with the time and labor constraints that every operation is faced with.

Models are available to suit your particular operation and budget. Contact us now to determine which machine is the best fit for you.

Pendragon Stirring Machines are not just something adapted to work for Biodynamics. They have been designed and built specifically to serve the particular requirements of Bio-Dynamic® farmers, orchardists, vineyard operators, vegetable growers and landscapers. Paddle shafts turn forming a deep vortex in the liquid. Once the full vortex is established the motor reverses shaft rotation creating a tremendous chaos and aeration. This cycle is repeated until the control circuit times out after 1 hour or after the interval set by the operator. Pendragon Stirring Machines replicate as well as possible the hand stirring technique prescribed by Rudolf Steiner in the “Agriculture Course”.

Pendragon Stirring Machines are built to run on standard single phase electric power making them very versatile and portable. They can be trailer mounted and powered by a small generator when your fields are at distances too great to make the spraying operation feasible from a single location. RoHS compliant electrical components are used due to our interest in building environmentally friendly equipment. In this regard, there are no hydraulic components to maintain or leak. You also have no waste oil to recycle or dirty filters to dispose of.

The frames are fabricated from mild steel while the tanks, paddles and tank safety guards are non-magnetic and maintenance free 304 stainless steel. The frame components are sand-blasted to bare metal and then powder coated using a zinc-rich primer and finish coat.

Now is the time to contact us and discover the benefits of owning a Pendragon Stirring Machine and finally taking charge of your Bio-Dynamic program.

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