Pendragon founder, John Bashaw, has over 25 years of experience in both production agriculture and specialty machinery design, fabrication, operation and repair. Extensive experience with hydraulics and electrically and engine powered equipment also enables Pendragon to bring your custom equipment project to life as well as create its form.

Specialty Machinery We Produce

Bio-Dynamic Stirring Machines

Helping Bio-Dynamic growers meet their B-D field spraying objectives year after year.

Hazelnut Cracker

The machine is capable of effectively cracking a batch with varying nut sizes.

Drängen Lay-Down Work Cart

Save your back and boost productivity and profitability in your market farm operation.

Our Custom Design Fabrication

Pendragon maintains a full shop facility to produce one of a kind and first run equipment to solve problems you face but have no solution for or are unable to produce the solution you have in mind yourself. Pendragon founder, John Bashaw, has over 20 years of production agriculture experience including the maintenance, repair and construction of field machinery and grain handling/cleaning equipment.

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